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Posted by David Blum on May 7, 2010

I would like to start by saying hi to anyone who is visiting. For those who are new here, I would suggest you read the ”About” section to understand why I created this blog. I will be adding more information here as time permits. I am also in the process of adding a lot more videos to my video blog,  Just click on the following link see more good info – Truth Junkie Videos

At present I’m looking for Members for my newly created Forum. I will also need people to help me manage it as well. if You feel you have what it takes to be a Global or Board Moderator feel free to register and let me know, just click on the following link. – The Broad Spectrum

If there is anything you would like to see here or have a question, feel free to leave a comment or contact me via email.

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Posted by David Blum on June 2, 2012

I find this article to be good I do want to say that this in no way means i condone homosexuality or the gay lifestyle whether it be between 2 men or 2 women. I do believe that God can save anyone he chooses but for the record In order to be saved we need to repent of our sins. I don’t believe nor have I read where God thinks homosexuality is ok.

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NC Church Supports Pastor Who Made Anti-Gay Remarks

NC Church Supports Pastor Who Made Anti-Gay Remarks

“Build a great big large fence 50 or 100 miles long. Put all the lesbians in there…

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Posted by David Blum on January 12, 2011

Listen to internet radio with universaltruthevolution on Blog Talk Radio

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Freedom Fighters, Fusion Centers, Fema Camps – Could This Be The Ultimate F-BOMB!!!

Posted by David Blum on November 13, 2010

It’s about time that someone put something intelligent on the TV. On Friday November 12, 2010 a 10 pm Tru TV did just that. Conspiracy Theory hosted by Jesse Ventura shows what happens to people who go against the wishes of the Powers That Be. He investigated the Fema Camp issue that the mainstream media and popular mechanics says doesn’t exist.  You will be shocked to find out something that I have know for a long time, that they actually do exist and they’re open for business. I realize that this is only one show that says they exist, but if you Google – Fema Camps, Freedom Fighters, Fusion Centers, Police State or other such terms that relate to this topic you will be inundated with links on these subjects. Some the info will be false i understand, but if you do your research you will find allot of truth amongst the chaff. I’m glad that this show has hit the mainstream audiences as those are the people who need to see this more than anyone. Anyone who reads this and watches the following video needs to tell everyone they know to see this.

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‘You know who I am’: Obama’s presidential seal falls off podium during speech

Posted by David Blum on October 6, 2010

This is a very symbolic moment. The Presidential Seal falls just as obama says "we can not sustain". He should have never said “all of ou all know who I am” and yes I know who you are obama. You are a liar, cheat , sell out, I would even go as far as to say you are one of satan’s own. He goes on to say that “I’m sure there’s someone back there that’s really nervous right now and that there “sweatin bullets”. I even think I hear a little bit of nervousness in obama’s voice as well. Obama should be nervous as he knows he a fraud.

The way I see this is the higher powers that be aka Yahweh are telling obama his time is about up.  Whatever way you want to take this it’s got to be a bad omen for obama as the falling seal is a sign that obama is about to fall.

Watch the video and tell me what you make of this by leaving a comment below.

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Video: 9/11 Firefighters Reveal Huge Explosions Before Towers Collapsed

Posted by David Blum on October 6, 2010

The following article is from Prison Planet a website run by Alex Jones. There is some new 9/11 info in the article that everyone needs to see as it shows that the official 9/11 story is a LIE! This isn’t new to any Truthers, but it needs to be shown to anyone who still has their head in the sand and believe that the Government is telling the truth. As new info will be added to the original post on Prison planet you may want to click on the link to it to stay updated.

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What’s The Deal With The Koran?

Posted by David Blum on September 21, 2010

I have become so sick and tired of the mainstream media, governments and so called elitists who I will refer to as the “Useless Eaters” of this world form this point forward. Why do I feel this way? it’s due to all the crap, lies, deception, corruption that they spew forth in regards to their latest endeavour in which they are painting anyone who burns a Koran or thinks of burning a Koran as a racist, hatemonger.

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Posted by David Blum on September 14, 2010

The Follow letter was emailed to me by a Member of We Are Change North Bay. I would have to agree with the information that is posted in it

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United We Fall (Full Film)

Posted by David Blum on July 6, 2010

Truth Junkie – This a new film out by Press For Truth a Canadian truth organization. It talks about the North American Union that has been put together and denied in the mainstream media. This is a must see for all those mentally sleeping Canadians, and Americans. If you would like to order a copy just click on the following link:

Part 1 of 12

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Activist Arrested On Bogus Charge To Cover For Illegal Conduct Of Toronto Police

Posted by David Blum on June 30, 2010

Truth Junkie – The Following article needs to be read by all those Canadians who are to busy watching Dancing with The Stars, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Lost or any of the other useless crap shows on the TV.  The Article shows just how corrupt the Toronto Police are getting and that they are in bed with the Elite NWO morons. The only criminals at the G20 were the Police.  It turns out that they lied about the Publics Work Act  being passed. If any Canadians feel that this will never happen where they live, THINK AGAIN!! Canadians need to WAKE UP!! and stop being soft. Your stupid TV won’t help you, when the police are busting down your door to drag you away for some trumped up charge that they see fit to use.

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Media Alert – Public Works Protection Act invoqued at G20

Posted by David Blum on June 25, 2010

The NWO gang has decided to use this lame Act at the G20 Summit in Toronto, Canada to keep the truth from being heard by the people. They are afraid of the truth, as it shows just how evil and corrupt they are. Read the following article to understand what it is all about.

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WeAreChange and InfoWars Reporters Banned from Canada

Posted by David Blum on June 25, 2010

wearechange YouTube

WeAreChange nyc was denied entry into Canada and Charles Torres Veitch has been arrested at the G20. 1-416-808-5100 is the number for the Toronto Police, 1-888-446-4047 is the number to the G8-G20 police and for my UK friends 1-416-593-1290 is the number of the UK embassy. Call them and demand Charles’ release.

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