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BP Oil Disaster, Is It Worse Than We Are Being Told On The Mainstream Media?

Posted by David Blum on June 17, 2010

After reading several articles, listening to a variety of audio interviews and watching many videos, I have decided it is time to make some sort of sense of the BP oil disaster, if that is even possible.

Like a lot of people who are following the this BP oil garbage, I have become overwhelmed with all the information that is out there. It’s has come to a point for me, that I don’t know what the hell is really going on with this issue. As I have a real sick feeling in regards to this situation, I feel it is important to try find the truth and post it here so we all can understand it better.

There are 2 areas that you will find Information on the BP screw up. There is the mainstream media which at this point in the game is not very reliable in my opinion. The other is the alternative media, which has become the more truthful source for important facts. Even though I find the mainstream media very unreliable, they occasionally slip up and give us a a tidbit of truth. That is the only reason I sit through most of their nonsense in order to pluck these bits of truth to add to the puzzle of whatever situation I’m dealing with.

I came across 2 important posts on Bill Ryan’s website called Project Avalon. One was a 20 minute audio interview of Richard Hoagland on the Coast to Coast am online radio show from June 14, 2010. The other was a 40 minute audio interview via Skype that Bill Ryan had with Dr. Bill Deagle on June 16, 2010. Both of these interviews are highly important and should be listened to, as they give some serious intel on what is going to or may happen. You can listen to these  by clicking on the underlined text above.

There is this YouTube video that a friend had posted on Facebook today.

In this video the person refers us to a blog by a Dr. James P. Wickstrom that has an article that was posted on June 4, 2010, called WHAT THE U.S. SCIENTISTS ARE FORBIDDEN TO TELL THE MASSES AS TO THE GULF. This article is on the same track as the above audio interviews. what the person is saying in this video about there being fire at the underwater well opening is true as I have seen video that shows this.

I found this PDF article on Bill Ryan’s Project Avalon website called The BP Deepwater Horizon, Macondo Well Blowout, and what we are facing in the Gulf. Just click on the proceeding underlined text to save and/or read the article. This article can also be  read at its original location by clicking on Godlike Productions forum.

Alex Jones had Pastor Lindsey Williams on his online talk show to discuss the BP oil problem. Now I have a hard time listening the Lindsey as he seems to ramble on before getting the facts out, but he does have important information that lines up with everyone else’s info. You can listen to audio by clicking on 56 minute audio extract with Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones MP3 or click on The Alex Jones Show Video & Audio Archive – June 10th With Lindsey Williams

There seems to be a general consensus that this situation can, is or will  cause some or all of the following things

  • A tsunami from what they are calling a gas bubble burp.
  • There is a lot of other toxic things being released from this opening such as benzene, hydrogen sulfide, methylene chloride.
  • There is talk that there is lava or volcanic activity at the well opening.
  • There are other spots in the Gulf of Mexico seabed that are ruptured due to this BP problem.
  • The volume of leakage is in excess of 100,000 barrels (4 million gallons) a day

I’m sure there is more info that I’m missing, but this gives you a start on your way to learning the reality of what is really going on in the Gulf of Mexico in regards to the BP oil problem. I will add more info or links to this post as I come across it or them. These are only a few of the many things that I have looked at. From what I am learning this IS going to get a lot worse, like really bad!! type worse, if that makes any sense. If anyone has info that they would like to add just leave a comment below.

Some websites that are a good place to find information on what is really going on with the BP oil problem are:

Project Avalon – Bill Ryan.

Project Camelot – Kerry Cassidy

Prison Planet – Alex Jones

Other articles that are related to this issue:

Elevated Levels of Benzene, Hydrogen Sulfide, Methylene Chloride in Gulf Air


2 Responses to “BP Oil Disaster, Is It Worse Than We Are Being Told On The Mainstream Media?”

  1. hm said

    Here’s a link you might want to check also. It’s got other links there, too.

  2. “OILGEDDON, The Beginning Of The End”

    The best (& funniest) information on the GOM ‘extinction level event’.

    You’ll laugh ’till you cry…

    then you’ll die.

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